I’ve been wanting to take a formal class on photography for years now. My high school didn’t have the resources or space to offer anything more than a studio art class, let alone a darkroom. So I waited for years hoping to take a course somewhere else when I’d have the time or money to do so.

Well, this semester I enrolled in a photography course and it’s going pretty well. The only problem I’m having is that our first assignment is to take landscape photos. Being stuck on campus at Stony Brook means there isn’t much to photograph. The campus is quite mundane. The rest of the assignments seem more straightforward. We’ll see about those, though.

Developing film isn’t that difficult. It’s just a little annoying when there are a lot of people in the darkroom at the same time. My friend Neelima even taught me how to open a canister with my bare hands. Can’t wait till we learn how to make prints from our negatives. We were supposed to do that today but my professor wasn’t ready for it. Hoping to finally make a few prints on Tuesday.

I want to go shooting when I’m in Queens as there’s much more to take photos of. I even went to Port Jefferson to take photos but it was too late as the sun was almost gone.