It’s truly amazing where life takes you over the course of a couple of months. I feel like I’ve changed quite a bit. Not for the worse but rather in good ways. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to cross paths with many people from different walks of life. This has benefited me greatly. I think I’ll write about how people have impacted me in a future post.

Shooting Strangers

My Photo I professor assigned us to shoot photos of strangers: one roll with permission and one without. I like photographing people but I’m horrible with strangers so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to force myself to do it. Little did I know how nerve-wracking of a task it would be.

I went down to the Village twice in hopes of asking strangers for their photos. As I went on rainy days, people were rushing to get to dry places. This made it hard to stop people for photos.

I was forced to rush things as I’d fallen behind on my assignments. I went to Central Park this time. It was packed since it’s a Saturday. It was also hard to single out strangers as most of them were in groups.

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The King of Limbs

So Radiohead decided to release The King of Limbs a day early. They also released a video for “Lotus Flower” off the new album. Though it’s shorter than I expected, the album sounds great. The sound is different from their other albums, as one can expect from Radiohead. They’ve made a blend of rock and electronic music that’s seems very familiar but is still a refresher from their older albums. I’m glad they released it earlier. I can now listen to it on the way home from school.

It’s hard to pick out which songs I like better but I know I’ll be listening to the album over and over this weekend. We’ll see how it goes. The video for “Lotus Flower” is hilarious. Thom and his dance moves, ha.

Radiohead’s “The King of Limbs”

So Radiohead announced earlier today that they’ll be releasing their new album The King of Limbs this Saturday February 19th. Much like when In Rainbows was announced, I’m really excited about this album. I don’t even care that there isn’t a track listing out yet. I’m just gonna wait till Saturday. I know they’ll release something amazing.

You can pre-order it over at right now. They have a physical edition and a digital one up. I decided to get the Newspaper Album as an early birthday present to myself.

Can’t wait to listen to the album!